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5 Incredible Bathroom Tile Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation

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Nestled in a modernist building from 1900—typical of the architecture in Barcelona—this 818-square-foot apartment had lovely details but was in need of an update. “The initial state of the project already told us a story,” says Noé Prades, the interior designer brought on to update the space. “The light, which came in through the living room, was very poetic. We knew that we wanted to create this same feeling in the rest of the apartment, and it was our objective to combine it with colors and textures.” Visually bold, the bathrooms are filled with color—blue in one (where a wicker mirror adds texture) and pink in the primary (where Noé designed two midcentury-inspired mirrors with a wall lamp by Nuura between them to highlight their curved corners). Geometric tiles adorn the walls for a dynamic, contemporary, and surprising look.

The red and green is a killer combination.

Photo: Virginie Garnier

The bathroom adds the right dose of quirk.

Photo: Virginie Garnier

Left untouched for decades, this dingy apartment was reimagined by interior designer Céline Poulfort. Located in Paris’s chic seventh arrondissement, the 60-year-old building sits amid traditional Haussmann structures, providing a more industrial flair to the neighborhood. While the main areas are awash in calming colors with hints of ’60s-era inspiration, the bathroom is another story, as it received a bold transformation via a floor-to-ceiling renovation. The white tile walls were spiced up with red grout, which gives it “a more playful and graphic character,” Céline says. The green walls also give it an edge, but if the homeowners do indeed tire of the color, it can be easily changed for something more neutral.

The mirror reflects light from the opposite window and further opens up the tiny bathroom.


The black Clé tiles cover three fourths of the wall, while the hand-applied plaster above is a nod to the building’s history. The ledge creates a strong line and is a great place to store things, whether it’s on the vanity or in the shower.


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