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6 Spirits and Wines with Standout Bottle Designs

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In some instances, wines or spirits—be they tequila, whisky, or rum—are bottled beautifully but are disappointing when it comes to taste. Others are pleasing on the palate but uninspired in their presentation. Ideally, what you’re imbibing on shouldn’t miss a beat when it comes to either, and with the growing number of brands that offer design-worthy bottling as notable as the drink itself, the chances of that happening are becoming more likely than not.

“Packaging has always been a critical element of marketing wines and spirits, but bottle designs have definitely gotten more creative in the last few years,” says Michael Anstendig, a spirits and wine expert and the coauthor of the book The Japanese Art of the Cocktail. Brands are investing in their packaging, he says, in order to have a point of differentiation in a market that’s increasingly competitive. “Even if a wine or spirit is top quality, consumers see its bottles first when they’re at bars and restaurants or in liquor stores,” adds Anstendig. “It’s an element that matters more and more. Plus, these bottles are meant to be keepsakes.”

A trio of Patsch bottles.

Photo: Taka Kawachi

The new tequila brand Patsch is an example of a spirit that wins marks in both taste and design. The three expressions—blanco, reposado, and añejo—are in a provocative glass decanter that has a balloon shaped bottle, knuckle holder handle, and a spiked crown cap. Cofounder Martin Schapira, who designed the bottle, says he was inspired by fashion and his love of beautiful objects. “I looked to the late Alexander McQueen and the spikes and knuckles on many of his purses, which I really like,” he says.

Patsch’s tequilas are produced in one of Mexico’s top distilleries, which crafts the spirit without additives and using only organic, fully-ripened Blue Weber agave. All of these tequilas work in cocktails, but they’re a luxury product that is best enjoyed—at least in our opinion—as a sipping drink, either neat or on the rocks.

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