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AR March 2022: Bodies + W Awards

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Farshid Moussavi | Mona Hatoum | Nissen Richards | DSDHA | Islington Architects | AOC | Social Design Collaborative | Design Earth | Counterspace | Colectivo Mel

AR March 2022

The body may be thought of as a home, as it is where we will always live. It keeps us safe: a layer of porous skin protects from the ills of the outside world. But this slick blanket also constricts us, containing the self and reducing it to social constructs of sex and gender. With contributions by Frances Whorrall-Campbell, Zoé Samudzi, Lola Olufemi, Maria Gil Ulldemonlins and many others, the AR March issue explores the body as a site. It unpacks the space between bodies that is violent and politically charged, and how we make space for bodies that have been made invisible, relegated to the back of the queue. In multiples, there is power in our physical form: using our bodies in protest, we can build the places in which we want them to dwell.

Also in the March issue, as part of this year’s W Awards, we see emerging architects designing schools in India, social housing in Portugal and community infrastructure in London. We celebrate the contributions of Farshid Moussavi and Mona Hatoum, winners of the Jane Drew and Ada Louise Huxtable Prizes respectively. We also feature projects by Nissen Richards Studio, Islington Architects, DSDHA and AOC Architecture, and portfolios by Rania Ghosn, Sumayya Vally, Swati Janu, and Ana Baptista.


Keynote: Home bodies, Frances Whorrall-Campbell
Reputations: Louise Bourgeois, Maria Gil Ulldemolins
Fat space, Julieanna Preston
Chronic conditions, Anna Ulrikke Andersen
Virtual bodies, Katta Spiel and Kathrin Gerling
Are you sitting comfortably?, Catharine Rossi
Private property, Zoé Samudzi
Sex workplaces, Molly Smith
The collective body, Lola Olufemi
Outrage: Trans incarceration, Sarah Lamble

W Awards

MJ Long Prize: Sophie Mitchell, Nissen Richards Studio, Sutton Hoo, Eleanor Beaumont
MJ Long Prize: Anne Wynne, DSDHA, National Youth Theatre, Ellen Peirson
MJ Long Prize: Fiona Monkman, Islington Architects, Centurion Close, Ruth Lang
MJ Long Prize: Hannah Stringer, AOC, National Archives, Ellie Duffy
Jane Drew Prize: Farshid Moussavi, Catherine Slessor
Ada Louise Huxtable Prize: Mona Hatoum, Adrian Lahoud
Moira Gemmill Prize: Swati Janu, Social Design Collaborative, Gautam Bhan
Moira Gemmill Prize: Rania Ghosn, Design Earth, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes
Moira Gemmill Prize: Sumayya Vally, Counterspace, Tomà Berlanda
Moira Gemmill Prize: Ana Baptista, Colectivo Mel, André Tavares

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