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Ashleigh Amoroso Built Her Dream Studio in Austin for $12K

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AFTER: Ashleigh perched in her Austin studio.

Katie Jameson

After a decade of renting locations for shoots, Ashleigh Amoroso wanted to establish a studio of her own. The food photographer, whose clients include Magnolia, Target, and Patrón Tequila, searched all over Austin for a commercially-zoned kitchen with natural light, historic charm, and a reasonable price tag. The best option she could find was a loft 45 minutes from the city center.

On the very day Ashleigh was going to purchase the inconveniently-located property, her friend—vintage dealer Claire Brody—posted about looking for partners to invest in and sign a lease on a 1870 building in the heart of downtown Austin. Ashleigh and fellow photographer Jenna McElroy signed on immediately, and the three women couldn’t believe their good luck.

With original longleaf pine floors and tall, arched windows, Ashleigh’s designated rooms had the beautiful, historic bones she’d been seeking. The layout was ideal for her, too, with a prep kitchen adjacent to the main studio. The only drawback was a series of mirrors glued to one wall, which Ashleigh and her husband managed to conceal with a false wall and a coat of limewash.

BEFORE: “I like to tell myself that it was once a dance studio because there was this huge wall of mirrors,” Ashleigh says. “It was pretty funky.”

Ashleigh aimed to design a compelling workspace for herself and a spot rentable to other kitchen creatives, so she prioritized adaptability with a neutral color palette and modular elements. Her husband custom crafted a mobile island and open shelving that’s easy to style, while she chose small, portable appliances that can be arranged on any surface.

The casual elegance of Old World Europe inspired Ashleigh’s visual choices, but the pandemic forced her to make some compromises. “Supply chain issues definitely led us in our aesthetic decision-making process, which, at the time, felt really hard and limiting,” she says. “But after it was all said and done, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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