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Find The Best Robot Vacuum for Spotless Floors

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What I like most about it is that it’s incredibly adaptable—the vacuum moves between hardwood, tile, and carpet with ease, automatically recognizing any switch to carpet and boosting the suction power for deeper surface penetration (it even knew to avoid stairs and other no-go zones!). Whether it’s vacuuming or mopping you can expect a strong and thorough clean, though if you live in a space with a lot of ground to cover, manual mopping may be the way to go as it can take a long time to get through your whole floor plan (but ideal for midsize apartments and limited floor space).

Pro tip: If you do opt for the dock and notice any issues with the vacuum returning to empty/charge, make sure you have it plugged in an open area with no obstacles.

The bottom line: The S7 really puts the “smart” in smart tech and is perfect for any type of home—especially one with lots of different surfaces to clean. Straight out of the box, you’ll notice the S7 is easy to use, highly adaptable, and has a sleek design that blends in with any modern decor. If you want to work smarter and not harder, you won’t go wrong with Roborock.

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eufy by Anker, RoboVac X8 Hybrid

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Floor Type: We have every kind of floor in our home: carpet, hardwood, and tile. We have two dogs, one of whom sheds like fur is going out of style. We vacuum on a regular basis, every one to two weeks, but with the way that Bella Boo sheds, it would probably be better if we vacuumed every one to two days—and that’s with a traditional stand-up vacuum.

About the brand: The Eufy RoboVac X8 is designed with pets in mind. Most robotic vacuums have a single-turbine engine, but this gem has two. As a result, it picks up 57% more pet hair than the average single-turbine robotic vacuum.

Setting up: Prior to the Eufy, we’d never tried a robotic vacuum. I’m not one to read directions, and setting up the Eufy was no exception. It came packaged very securely but was also easy to unbox (which I appreciated!). After setting it up on its base for a preliminary charge, I returned about half an hour later, pressed the power button, and this wondrous little machine was off.

My experience: I watched in amazement as the Eufy vac cruised around the floor. Our home is three stories, and the living room (where I set it up) is on the second floor. I was a little nervous as the Eufy approached the descending staircase (would it roll right off and fall down the steps?), but Eufy sensed the drop and turned itself right around. That’s when I knew this machine had real promise.

The vac took about 20 minutes to clean the second floor, which is all hardwood. It went under tables and around chair legs like a champ, and moved deftly over rugs, never getting stuck or banging into anything violently. When Eufy completed the floor, it automatically went back to the base to charge itself. Next, I carried it to the third floor (comprised of carpet and tiled bathrooms) to see how the machine would fare. The vac navigated throughout all the rooms with ease and, when it was done, meandered back to the staircase and turned itself off. Nothing was left behind, and the floors looked so fresh. When I emptied the dust bin, I was shocked (in the best possible way) by how much pet hair and dust it picked up.

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