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Is Jason Momoa Living in His Custom RV? | Architectural Digest

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The past few years have been busy for Jason Momoa. Since first being cast as Aquaman, and appearing in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the actor has been in and out of DC Comics productions, totaling a whopping seven different Justice League projects in six years, along with numerous other film roles. Amid all of his skyrocketing success and his unfortunate split from his wife of five years, Lisa Bonet, earlier this year, speculation that the actor is living in his custom RV has recently surfaced via Daily Mail. The publication obtained paparazzi pictures showing Momoa with the RV parked on a friend’s lawn.

The camper in question is an EarthRoamer XV-LTi 026 that was entirely custom made for Momoa. His EarthRoamer is said to contain a king sized bed, Nespresso machine, an induction cooktop, and an outdoor kitchen—not a bad set up for a mobile home. With a truck-like body, the vehicle is four-wheel drive, giving the driver the ability to venture through much rougher terrain than a traditional RV. The father of two has reportedly lived out of the RV while working on location in the past, preferring the access to nature that the vehicle allows him over the seclusion of a luxury hotel. In 2019, the Hawaii native arrived at the Aquaman film premiere in the EarthRoamer, making it clear that he’s not overly concerned with typical Hollywood luxuries.

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Though the exact price the Dune star paid for his versatile ride is unknown, even a used model will set you back at least half a million dollars, while a new model is likely to cost around $750,000 according to the EarthRoamer website. Hey, it is cheaper than most celebrity homes. 

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