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Pantry Storage Containers the Pros Can’t Get Enough Of | Architectural Digest

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It’s not uncommon for the pantry to be a high traffic place in your household. Without a proper system of pantry storage containers, it can quickly turn from the best spot in the house to a headache. Surely we all know the dreaded feeling of digging through the pantry for that one specific ingredient you need to complete a recipe, so we spoke with five professional home organization experts for pantry organizers and kitchen storage tips that’ll keep your goods in order. Read on for 16 storage options for all of your delicious snacks and the space-saving products the pros highly recommend.

A Hay shelving unit serves as a makeshift pantry in the Albany home of nurse anesthetist Kaitlin Spring. Photo: Chris Mottalini

Remove bulky packaging

This one is a classic. To create a sleek and aesthetic look in your pantry, remove dry goods like rice, pasta, and baking essentials from bulky boxes. Once removed, Karine Bouganim, the owner of Karine OCD, recommends sorting these pantry items into tall glass jars or other clear containers so you can see exactly what’s inside. For increased uniformity, put labels on the containers so you can easily identify each item.

Image may contain: Food, and Jar

Airtight Glass Food Canisters for Home and Kitchen, BPA Free

8-Piece POP Container Baking Set

Store individually packed items in storage bins

Remove grab-and-go snacks from their packaging and place them in storage bins for easy access (and added texture) in your pantry. “Fill these baskets with similar items,” Jen Martin, founder of Reset Your Nest, advises. This will keep your pantry looking organized and make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Image may contain: Shelf, and Furniture

Water Hyacinth Storage Bins With Handles

Image may contain: Basket

Hampton Woven Storage Bins With Handles

Use a lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is the perfect solution for organizing bottled products, such as oils, dressings, and sauces in your kitchen pantry (and we’ve recommended these clever cabinet organizers before). The rotating feature makes everything accessible. Karine says, “These will come in handy for so many loose items around the kitchen.”

Image may contain: Furniture, Tabletop, and Tray

Copco Bamboo Wood Lazy Susan, 10-Inch

Image may contain: Cutlery, Spoon, and Wooden Spoon

13″ Lazy Susan Turntable Wood

Add a can organizer to kitchen cabinets

Instead of stacking cans on top of one another on pantry shelves, utilize a can organizer to double or triple the amount of space you have for cans. “Can shelf risers are a game-changer in a pantry,” Karen Windholz, Professional Organizer at Sort Toss Repeat, says. “They allow you to see everything at glance, save space, and keep cans accessible in one location.”

Image may contain: Aluminium, Food, Canned Goods, Can, and Tin

Shelfsteps Can Organizer, 3-Shelf

Image may contain: Shelf, Food, Syrup, and Seasoning

Dial Industries 01803 MEGA Expand A Shelf, White

Contain your back stock

If you’re someone who likes to keep a back stock of kitchen items, you’ll definitely need a system of pantry storage containers. Annie Schmidt, founder of SOS Home Organization, advises using deep acrylic storage bins to house your back stock and easily see what you have on hand. They’re easily stackable, dishwasher safe, and keep you from purchasing too many of the same products.

Image may contain: Shelf, Furniture, Pantry, and Appliance

The Home Edit By IDesign Stacking Pantry Bin

Image may contain: Furniture, Shelf, Cabinet, Sink Faucet, and Drawer

mDesign Plastic Kitchen Organizer – Storage Holder Bin with Handles

Use wire baskets for food storage

Wire baskets are effective for organizing food storage products such as plastic bags, tin foil, and parchment paper. By placing not-so-aesthetically-pleasing storage items in baskets, you’re able to keep the uniformity in your pantry and easily access them when you need to, without totally concealing what you might need. 

Image may contain: Food
Image may contain: Bowl

Medium Wire Baskets – Set of 2

Display your cereal for added color

Annie recommends emptying cereal into cereal dispensers to keep it from going stale and to create a more uniform look on the shelves. By removing unnecessary packaging, you’ll be able to easily see each type of cereal, and the storage containers will add a pop of color to your now well-organized panty.

Image may contain: Confectionery, Food, Sweets, Handbag, Accessories, Purse, Accessory, and Bag

Large Cereal & Dry Food Storage Containers, Wildone Airtight Cereal Storage Containers

Image may contain: Food, Produce, Plant, Appliance, and Mixer

OXO Good Grips 3.4 Qt. POP Cereal Dispensers – Set of 3

Add space with external pantry units

If you live in a smaller apartment that doesn’t have a designated pantry or food storage space, Lahni Carney, founder of Clutterless Home Solutions, recommends purchasing a freestanding cabinet or pantry unit to maximize empty wall space. They can be placed or built-in to your walls and save space in your cabinets for kitchen-specific items.

Image may contain: Furniture, Shelf, Chair, Appliance, Refrigerator, Interior Design, Indoors, Cupboard, Closet, and Cabinet
Image may contain: Furniture, Cupboard, Closet, Cabinet, and Shelf

Traditional Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Cupboard with Doors and 3 Adjustable Shelves, White

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