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Solange Knowles’s Creative Agency Saint Heron Launches Ceramics Residency

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When Solange Knowles started Saint Heron in 2013, it was an online community focused on music. It launched with a compilation album released under her record label, Saint Records, and sold out of the back of what she referred to as a “moving mobile installation.” Today, Saint Heron operates as “an institution, studio, and agency” that has been involved in a slew of projects ranging from short films to art installations. Now, Saint Heron has announced its first artists-in-residency program for ceramicists, which will take place in New York City this month.

The four participating artists are all accomplished makers in their own right, and one focus of the residency will be to help them increase the scale of their work by providing them with studio space, materials, skilled artisans to assist them, and mentorship from ceramicists Tracie Hervy and Anina Major. Their creations will then be displayed on Saint Heron’s online gallery and shop, Small Matter, which will feature work that explores “futurism design as a form of cultural expression” throughout 2022.

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Another focus of the residency will be to explore the African roots of pottery, specifically the “ritualistic practice of making, molding, and forming permanent vessels from mud and clay” and to highlight “the importance of personal and interpersonal connection within objects.” The participants include Armina Howada Mussa, Lalese Stamps (you may have heard of her brand, Lolly Lolly Ceramics), Dina Nur Satti, and Kenya Cree.

“Saint Heron is driven to continue to explore and advance the work of Black and Brown women artists and artisans. We honor the work of these craftswomen by foregrounding the process of making, and contextualizing the ancestral landscape of ceramic artistry beyond traditional exhibition environments,” said Knowles of the endeavor, which was made possible via a partnership with Kering, the brand behind the development of fashion Houses like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and more. The residency will take place at Clayworks on Columbia in Brooklyn.

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